Students Presentations at International Conferences:

  • 18th International Congress of Developmental Biology in Singapore (Poster by Yanru AN)   2017.06 (Upcoming)

  • 4th Asia-Pacific Drosophila Research Conference in Osaka, Japan (APDRC) (Poster by Lina ZHANG)  2017.05 (Upcoming)

  • 58th  annual Drosophila research conference in San Diego, USA  (Poster by Lina ZHANG)   2017.04

  • 57th  annual Drosophila research conference in Orlando, USA (Poster by Lina ZHANG and Yanru AN)   2016.07

  • 15th Chinese society for cell biology in Shenzhen, China (Oral by Kenneth WONG ) 2015.04

  • CSH-Asia Conference in Suzhou, China: Dynamics of cell behavior during development & Disease (Poster by Kenneth WONG and Yanru AN)  2014.11

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